Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chicken and Green Bean Deliciousness

I've come to the point of the year where inevitably, I have no money. It just happens when you pay rent and utilities in two places. So, instead of eating out on Sunday afternoon like I prefer, I pilfered through my disorganized pantry and fridge to find the makings of some kind of meal. And guess what? It turned out awesome!

So here's the recipe for 1-2 servings.

1 chicken breast, cooked and cubed
1 serving green beans, cooked (I used frozen, but canned or fresh would also work)
garlic powder
1 cube chipotle seasoning

Shredded Parmesan and Romano cheese
French Fried Onions

Combine the cooked chicken and green beans in a medium saucepan. Mix in about two tablespoons flour, along with the salt, pepper and chipotle cube. Then, pour in a little bit of milk until everything is moistened, creating a cream gravy. Continue adding flour and milk until you obtain the desired amount of gravy for your dish. When serving, top with Shredded Parmesan and Romano cheese and French Fried Onions.


It's kinda like a quick green bean casserole, except the chicken makes it hearty enough to be a whole meal and the chipotle adds a nice kick. I had all of the ingredients on hand and will definitely be making this again!

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