Thursday, September 1, 2011


As a back to school retreat, my students at OMBC opted to do a 30 Hour Famine. As a leader, I am so proud of my students for choosing to tackle a project in which they would go without food, fun activities, sleep and comfort and instead have worked hard to raise a huge amount of money for the benefit of others.

When everything was said and done, the OMBC youth group sent over $1800 to World Vision, collected over 200 items for the Capital Area Food Bank, and organized 50 care packages to pass out to the homeless in our community.

They also went 30 hours without food and slept outside on the concrete with just a blanket or so each and cardboard boxes.

While what we did for one weekend was uncomfortable, in no way do I think we experienced what life is like for those in poverty. But, it was a substantial difference from what we're used to. See, my students aren't even upper middle class. The majority are on the lower rung of the totem pole of wealth. Some get free lunches at school. Some don't have rides to church because their family doesn't have a car. Some don't have AC in all parts of their home. Some have broken families or have gone through traumatic health issues. But, even though things haven't been perfect, we've all had access to clean water, food, shelter and medical care. And these very basic necessities of life have been taken for granted.

The weekend made us more aware of those around us in our own community and across the world in places we had never heard of in which striving to survive each day exceeds all other concerns. You can check out our recap video to see how the students responded- here:

But through all of this and the time following our Famine, I've really reflected on contentment. Because I have been given SO much. I have two jobs while I know plenty of people struggling to find one. I have a supportive family, a wonderful church and enough money to get by. I have roommates who desire to seek after Christ in all aspects of living.

But even intellectually acknowledging all that I've been blessed with hasn't quelled this sense that it's not enough.

It's not enough.

I want more.

I'm done thinking that seeking after

more education
more money
more things
a better car, a bigger house, the right clothes, the "right" friends

will ever satisfy this burning in my heart.

I am so sure that all I need more of, what I've always needed more of, is Jesus.

And so I'm working to distinguish this longing in my soul and to avoid filling that void with anything but Jesus, and finding contentment in everything else.

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