Thursday, December 1, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea #1: Ruffled Jersey Scarf

I'm sure if you're a pinner, you've seen it. 

Well over Thanksgiving, my mother, sister and I 
all made scarves and wore them in our family photos. 
They took maybe thirty minutes each to make, 
(but we were watching football so we were a little distracted) 
involved no sewing and turned out really cute!

You'll need:
1 XL T-shirt (or larger)
Good scissors
fabric glue (optional)
Begin by cutting large circles from the T shirt. 
We used a paper plate as a guide. 
Don't worry if you have rough edges 
or if your circles aren't perfect. 
It won't matter later!

From the outside, cut a spiral in the circle, 
maintaining about the same width as you go. 

Gently pull on the two ends of the spiral to stretch the fabric slightly 
(but be careful because I ripped one of mine by stretching it too hard)
It forms a long ruffle!
The end which was the center of the circle will be
 more tightly ruffled than the outside.

Depending on your T shirt, you should be able to cut 8-12 circles.
Secure them together by tying a strip of t shirt fabric around the center with a knot
Or secure with fabric glue

Wear with your favorite fall/winter outfit for a cutesy pop of color!

We got our T shirts at JoAnn's for $2.50 each.
You could also upcycle old T shirts that you don't wear anymore.
Even if they have print on them, use several to make a multicolored ruffle scarf.
I did just that to make a gameday scarf for next football season!

This is definitely going to be a gift for my three roommates this year.
And at $2.50 each?
It might be a gift for all my aunts and cousins as well!

Have you attempted T shirt scarves? How did yours turn out?


  1. oh wow! so pretty. and so easy. love it. i would totally want that as a gift. i just might have to go make one.

  2. Love the idea! I will have to make som;)


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