Monday, December 5, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea #2: Infinity Jersey Scarf

If you thought the ruffle scarf was a simple T shirt project, check this out!

You'll need:
1 XL T shirt (or larger)

Cut the bottom hem off of the shirt completely. 

Cut across the T shirt, under the sleeves, leaving you with large loop of T shirt fabric (and a very tacky cut off shirt ;) )

Then, stretch the fabric! I stepped on the inside of the loop and pulled up. You can also loop it around a door knob and pull. After you stretch, you have a jersey infinity scarf. The rough edges curl in and won't fray. 

Wear it in one large loop

Or double loop it! 

So easy. 
T shirts 4/$10 at JoAnn's. 
Perfect accessory in so many colors!

Step by Step tutorial here

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