Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

(warning: photo heavy post!)

Friday Night, David and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater downtown.
I tried their prosciutto lasagna- a combo I never would have thought of,
but it was pretty yummy!

I've been to the other locations and love them, but this downtown one was very small with lots of character. There was a huge line for the Anchorman Quote Along going on in the next room, which was quite entertaining to observe. :)

Saturday morning, we met at the Downtown Farmer's Market

This lovely lady played some sweet tunes for passersby 

I grabbed a cup of organic Texas Coffee Trader's coffee

Got some farm fresh goat cheese with jalapeno and artichoke
from CKC Farms
and a loaf of Texas French Bread's fresh sourdough bread
Those two go together quite nicely!

And then we shared breakfast from The Zubik House
And let me tell you, it was AMAZING.
This was called the Czech Benedict-
Grilled kolache bread topped with smoked pork shoulder and fried egg with fresh basil
It was all organic and locally sourced. 
My mouth is watering just looking at that photo.

Then since Monday was a school holiday,
a few of my students and I ventured over to the Jumpoline Park
and we had a blast!


somehow nobody could get the timing on my one-handed cartwheels. 
they were awesome :)

Did you know jumping burns 600-1000 calories per hour?
We refueled with some frozen yogurt!

It was a really fun long weekend.
I feel so blessed to be where I am today
doing what I love!


  1. jumpoline!? awesome!
    and that lasagna sounds interesting!


  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! That theatre sounds really fun and interesting!


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