Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess what's finally here!

... It's my new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!

in ICE! 

You see, when my mother found an excellent deal 
on the 5 qt mixers at JCPenney, 
she began searching for my dream one. 
This ice one has been featured on my Pinterest 
Wish List board for quite some time. 
But as it turns out, the only color mixer in stock was yellow.  
And she said that her baby girl needed 
something to open on Christmas morning 
so she went with the yellow one. 
Now, I love yellow. It's a sunny, lovely, fun color... 
but it wasn't what I wanted. 
These mixers last forever, 
so it's important to love what I have. 

So after Christmas, I searched the JCPenney website 
looking for the ice colored mixer to exchange it for... 
but lo and behold it was NOT listed on their website. 

Saddened by this news, I resolved myself 
to getting a black mixer. 
It would match everything in my kitchen nicely 
and as I move, it would easily match new kitchens. 
I actually procrastinated exchanging the yellow one 
for a couple weeks knowing this was my fate.

Finally, I pulled into the customer service center 
and told the sweet lady my sob story. 
She pulled up her screen and said, 
"Well we don't have it in stock, but we can order the Ice color 
for you and have in about a week. 
We can even deliver it to your home at no extra charge."

I broke out in the biggest smile!
 So last night, the doorbell rang and 
I opened the door in time to see the UPS man pulling away...
looked down 
and I squealed with delight!

She's here!
Today's my day off and I'll be testing her out with some new recipes.
I'm thinking cupcakes 
and all kinds of frosting
maybe I'll finally get that Swiss meringue buttercream right!

Hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!

(Note: the emotions in this story have been exaggerated for dramatic effect.)


  1. JEALOUS! ;) Happy for you. So nice when fun things like that work out!

  2. this is a beauty! i have a years old white one and it makes cooking life so much easier and fun. enjoy!

  3. Bummer, my comment didn't post earlier! What I said was, I wish I would have gotten the Ice one, but decided to play it safe (because of the reasons you mentioned). Oh well, they are awesome in any color!!

  4. my kitchen dream is to own one of those!!!

  5. How lovely!! I love love love the color.....would love to have one of these! Enjoy it!! :D


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