Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Things

The past couple weeks, there have been some super sweet
little things that made my days brighter!
  1.  Free Dr Pepper T shirt at P Terry's. Bittersweet, as I was super excited to get my free T shirt, but am really sad about the end of the Dublin Dr Pepper era. 

2. New Toms! It was definitely time- these were a totally different colors and I was rockin an awesome hole by my big toe. Thanks Brittany!

3. A visit with sweet friend. 
I was so glad I got to make a surprise trip to Madisonville for  Dallas's birthday!

4. Family style roommate dinner at Carino's (yum!) 
and the completion of our 20 week Bible study.

I've only eaten two boxes so far.
These are my faves!


6. Awesome students who honor Christ in their extracurriculars
by praying with their teammates
being good sports
and always speaking encouragement
It has been an honor to go support them in their competitions!
(Steven, Jon and Alexis pictured)

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  1. Girl Scout Cookies... enough said. Your week was amazing just given that.

    But new TOMS are a plus too ;)

  2. Wow, SO many awesome little things for you this week! I love the cookies, the TOMS (I have that same pair) but what is the deal with Dr. Pepper? I didn't know ... how sad :(

    1. Regular Dr Pepper is still around, but the Dublin Dr Pepper company lost a lawsuit and has officially shut down. Sad day! :(

  3. Ahhhh I want that shirt! Are they being sold anywhere?

    1. Not that I know of :/ But if I see anything, I'll let you know!

  4. Oh, how I love Girl Scout cookies. My favorites are the peanut butter ones. A handful of those and a glass of milk are so wonderful!

    Hopping over from the Little Things link up. :)

  5. new Toms AND a dr.pepper shirt? can't get better than that. : )

  6. YAY for new Tom's AND girl scout cookies! My favorites are Samoas...but I think they changed the name of them to something else? Hmmm..

    Happy weekend!!


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