Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Other Happy Things

This Easter was so good. 
First off, I woke up on my own which never happens
and I had time in the morning to get cute, go get coffee, 
come back home and make breakfast tacos. And get to church early. 
It was beautiful.

It was the first year that I haven't been in charge of anything in a long time 
(besides making some costume accessories for our drama team).

Our church scaled back- 
no community Easter egg hunt, no sunrise service, no grand musical productions.
But I was so grateful for this. 
It focused our hearts away from the services and activities and onto our Savior. 
We took the Lord's Supper and had a drama about the Roman soldiers guarding Jesus' tomb.
There were only two actors in the production, and they did an amazing job!
But even without all the fanfare and glitz and candy and busyness
Jesus was glorified
His name was lifted up
and we were reminded that Jesus conquered death!

I got to wear this beautiful floral dress that y'all insisted I go back and buy
(When I went back to the store is was marked down from $35 to $19... score! 
Good things come to those who wait!)

Other miscellaneous, lovely things from my week:

I got to hang out with my brilliant and beautiful little cousins
They are seriously the best

We played Trouble, watched movies, and made puff ball animals. So fun!

Pretty new spring nail polish

Austin Restaurant Week date with my roomie at Botticelli's!

During ARW, lots of top-notch Austin restaurants create a menu 
highlighting some of their best menu items and offer it at a reduced price.
This is still more than I'd normally pay for a meal... 
and I felt poor sitting at the [white tablecloth-ed, multiple forks, 
extensive wine menu] restaurant
but it was way fun and definitely a culinary experience!
And you know how much I love food ;) 
seared sea scallop with grilled strawberries
roasted beet salad with fennel and Parmesan
mushroom stuffed ravioli with the best cream sauce eva'
white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

It was delicious. I was so glad I wore an elastic banded skirt. 


I took these three guys to the Youth Ministry Lab at SWBTS 
and they were awesome and let me stop and take pictures in the bluebonnets.

How was your Easter? I'd love to hear how you celebrated!

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  1. Hi, Nice to meet you! Instagram is awesome isn't it? My Easter was great :) Nice blog you have here

  2. you look so pretty in those bluebonnets! makes me miss Texas!!

  3. beautiful pictures!! love your new dress! (and those sandals too!) glad you had a good weekend!

  4. Love your Easter dress! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. I love that last picture! Your Easter looks like it was fun!

  6. The bluebonnet pic is so pretty!!! :) And don't you love that dress?! Kayli loves hers just like it!!!

  7. adorable dress. good pick. and i love when you find an unexpected sale on something you really wanted!
    i love your nail polish too!
    looks like you had a pretty perfect easter weekend. :)


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