Thursday, October 4, 2012


What if God called you to fully follow your passion?

What if God asked you to commit to a career that may or may not pay the bills? 
One where you may have to have a separate full time job to support your "real career"?

One that presents a huge temptation to get caught in pride, idolatry, or apathy?

One that if you decided to obey and pursue, 
people might question whether you're being responsible?

What if God called you to pour out your talents, your body, your soul into music
to help others see Him more clearly?

I honestly believe that this is the calling on many of my students in Austin. A couple of them are already studying or plan to study music ministry in college.

Whenever this group of students plays together, something happens. It's more than the combinations of sounds from the instruments. It's more than perfect harmonies. They are truly gifted to lead others to His throne. There is a big difference between playing music and leading worship. These students are in tune with the Holy Spirit and conduct themselves that way.

They are dedicated to perfected musicality because they want to honor the Lord in everything they do. They take initiative to research songs and learn them on their own to teach the band. They put emphasis on songs with theological significance. They are open to learn new instruments for the benefit of the band... actually I'm pretty sure most of them play multiple instruments and fill in wherever there is a need!

Pursuing music or worship ministry may be glamorized 
and definitely gets parodied (deep v necks and cardigans anyone?), 
but I think that running after this calling is kind of terrifying. 
It's less about training or education and more about experience and networking. 
It's less about what you can do and more about what God does through you. 

These students, led by my boyfriend David- none of them are perfect. Each of them struggles but is growing. And most importantly want to use what God has given them to bring Him glory and help others to do the same.

They have an opportunity to do this by being included on a Spirit Fest side stage in November, bringing glory to God through music alongside artists like Jeremy Camp, Britt Nicole, Switchfoot, David Crowder, and MercyMe. It is a big family-friendly music festival, focused on worshiping God! Since only local bands will take the small stage, it will provide opportunities to meet leadership of churches, conferences, camps and other events who are seeking worship leaders. 

Here's how you can help! Go here on Facebook and vote for Cannons by David Valdez. Voting is open through October 5th- that's Friday- and you can vote once a day! The top ten bands at the end of voting will then be reviewed by official festival judges. They will select the top five, who will be invited to be part of the festival.

I know that it can be annoying when people blast your Facebook or Twitter feeds begging for votes for whatever contest it is this time. I just wanted to explain my heart on why I am pushing this so hard. These are students that I worked with for two years and care deeply about, especially in their pursuit of serving the Lord. They're led by my boyfriend, David, who has a beautiful gift and really desires to expand and multiply it.

They will continue to lead worship regardless of whether they end up at Spirit Fest. And I trust that God is in control to guide their steps either way. But I'd still appreciates your votes!

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