Monday, April 22, 2013

Moody Publishers Giveaway

Part of working in youth ministry is being able to tackle tough topics with students (and to come to firm understanding of them yourself). Sexual purity is a topic that needs to be addressed by parents, by peers and by the church. There is a lot more to the purity discussion than the typical "don't cuss, don't drink, don't have sex". The church and the home need to be places where students can open up with questions, hear truth spoken, and walk away with a clearer view of God's grace in our lives. 

Moody Publishers has put out some great resources for individual Bible study and  teaching curriculum. If you're looking for literature to start an honest dialogue and to communicate biblical truth to teen girls, And the Bride Wore White utilizes biblical text, practical tips and personal experience to emphasize holistic purity. 

Today, Moody Publishers is offering a copy of And the Bride Wore White along with a copy of The Quiet Place by Nancy Leigh Demoss, a year-long daily devotional. 

Summary of And the Bride Wore White by Danna Gresh from Moody Publishers:

Reviewers continue to rave about And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets To Purity. But the greatest proof of it's effect is in the lives of tens of thousands of young women who've embraced the book's message. Each chapter of And the Bride Wore White begins with a narrative of Dannah Gresh's young love life, taken from her own teenage journals. She transparently shares her struggles and successes, her moments of pain followed by healing and the moments of triumph. This story-line grips the young reader while they learn statistically proven risk-reduction factors. The end result are usable "how-to-say-no" skills that can reduce the risk of a young woman's heart being broken by sexual sin. In this update, Dannah and her friends share open letters of encouragement to young women, one for those who chose life and another to those who chose abortion, a letter to teen girls addicted to pornography and another to girls who have experienced sexual abuse, and many more specific to a young woman's unique circumstances.

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  1. Through music, definitely.

  2. I got asked to do a review and giveaway for a couple of books from Moody Publishers too! It's so exciting! This summer I'll be reading a couple of their books called True Woman 101 (Bible Study) and Fierce Women. I'm so excited to do it :)


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