Monday, July 29, 2013

Girl Behind the Blog: Encouragement

It's Girl Behind the Blog time!
Thanks Ashley and Nadine for hosting!


  1. You are actually the best. I love your little shout out for people to DM me.
    I LOVE when people pray right away. I try to be that type of person because why wouldn't I do that.
    I really want to get better at giving people my full attention. Definitely have lots to learn there.

  2. Chelsea, I loved seeing your face again! :) I totally agree - there's something SO awesome about people praying for you on the spot. I hope to do that more often.

  3. i always love hearing your sweet voice! Can't wait till we hang out with me as an official Texan ;) Praying in that moment and space is so powerful. LOVE YOU!

  4. "go community!" you are TOO cute!!! OMG - my husband stops and speaks prayer right in the moment all the time. such an encouragement! i totally agree. the fact that someone is willing to storm the gates of heaven for YOU or your intentions speaks volumes. they care THAT much. beautiful. and i'm with ya on the mail deal! i love snail mail!!!! NAAAAADINE! i need some mail!!! lol.

  5. first, side note. I have made those peanut butter (but using nutella) mug cakes literally three times this week. So thanks a lot (said half sarcastically and half truly gratefully because they are delishhhhhhhh)

    I love the stopping and praying right in that moment and space.. I really try to do that with social media- its so hard to remember allll the little prayers so I feel like that is the best way to do it for my online freinds. You are the best!


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