Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VBS Decorating Recap: The Sanctuary

This year was my first year serving as VBS Director, ever. It was also our church's first year to take part in a full-out-canvas-the-neighborhoods-decorate-every-inch-of-the-church-themed-everything VBS. It was definitely a learning experience for everyone involved (especially me!) but God truly blessed our efforts by changing lives with His truth.  

For anyone still preparing for the Colossal Coaster World VBS, I want to share how we decorated and prepared! Pinterest was an invaluable resource to us- providing tons of inspiration for every facet of VBS, with real life examples from real churches. I definitely recommend checking out Pinterest before making a plan!

Our sanctuary served as the "Main Gate" during Colossal Coaster World, where we held our opening and closing worship rallies. Our largest projects were placed here for maximum effect. 

First, we built a roller coaster from foam pipe insulation and painted stir sticks. The pipe insulation was about $1 per 6' segment. The stir sticks were free from Wal-Mart and Home Depot. It was looped above the stage, attached to our main lighting panels. 

I also built a (very poorly structurally engineered) Ferris wheel. I wanted something larger than life so I used giant foam insulation board sheets to cut out my base. Each sheet was about $13. Each leg was 4 feet long. I used a craft knife to cut out each piece from the foam board, painted it with acrylic paint, and attached everything with duct tape. Yay duct tape. I don't recommend this method to others- it Ferris wheel was too heavy for the legs and wasn't as distinguishable as a Ferris wheel as I had hoped. Still colorful and fun though!

Instead of removing the drum kit and cage from our sanctuary stage, we camouflaged it as a giant circus tent! My volunteers simply covered it with painted butcher paper. Voila! 

For the direct center, I painted a giant sign with the VBS logo on it in the corresponding colors. We supplemented the sign with trees, cut from the same insulation board as the Ferris wheel. 

It came together quite nicely! 

We also prepared the entrance to the Main Gate- cheap crepe paper streamers taped along the doors, Main Gate label cut from butcher paper, an Enter sign and turnstile.

The Enter sign was cut from foam insulation board, then covered with butcher paper and painted.  

The turnstile was created from a box, turned over and spray painted silver. The turning knobs were tissue paper covered in duct tape. I'm sure there's a better way to do that but it worked for us!

Our Main Gate area was fun and cheery! It set the mood for our entire day at VBS. What ideas or themes did you incorporate with your VBS this year? 

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  1. You're so creative, friend. Love your heart for young people - you have such a sweet ministry. Love you!


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