Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. I walked ten miles (along with many other members of my church) recently at a walkathon to help raise money for missions, namely two of my students who will spending their summer in Mexico teaching music!

(there were some BEAUTIFUL wildflower fields along our trail!)

Y'all. I am SO out of shape.
I could not even function the rest of the day. I ended up popping ibuprofen and going to bed really early with a slight fever. Ridiculous. (And yes I drank lots of water.)

2. I've bought two shop-my-closet items recently and LOVE them.
This is the best way to shop.

Lace and Ruffles. 
3. On Memorial Day I got to visit my parents and sister. It was way fun!
(I stole Lindsey's nonprescription hipster glasses and wore them all day. They went really well with my cropped jeans, mom's foldover socks and bowling shoes.)

David came along too :)

I even beat my dad at bowling.
(well, and everyone else)
It was a big deal.

I love them :)

4. I got to go support Taryn (8th grade)


Alexis and Caleb


and Steven their graduation ceremonies.
 So proud of my graduates! 

It's been a busy week and I am so grateful for the beginning of summer and all the freedom that it gives me as a youth minister. We're going to have an amazing time.

5. Funny Story...

On the way to the first high school graduation I was attending I picked up a large iced latte. After all, it was in the morning on my day off. As I walked into the Frank Erwin Center, there were two UT students working as event staff at the door. The girl looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry to tell you this but you can't take that inside. You can stand out here and finish it or throw it away."

I was not happy.

I guess my facial expression made is apparent that I was frustrated with this decision as I turned to stand outside and drink my coffee, because the other event staffer told me I could come stand by them inside where it was cooler.

So I came inside and was weighing my options on how much of the ceremony I was missing versus how much I'd just paid for this drink when I saw the security guy (the nice one who insisted I come in) motioned at me to run and then looked away exaggeratedly. 

So I ran!
It was awesome and I got to enjoy my sweet coffee throughout the ceremony.
And I had the goofiest smile on my face.

He understood my relationship with coffee
and it totally made the rest of my day!

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  1. wildflowers: sooo pretty!

    your shirts: super cute. especially the green ruffled one! ahhhh.

    i love the glasses. that picture of you and your family is too funny. especially the look on your face!

    i just love the latte story. here's to sneaking food & drink into graduation ceremonies! ;]

  2. haha #5 is awesome. Way to go cool security dude.

  3. HAHAHAHA that story still makes me laugh ;)
    LOVE those clothes....where are they from??
    And those glasses look awesome on you!!!
    Love ya girl!

  4. bahahaha I love that you ran! You only live once right?! And you scored some awesome tops!

  5. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  6. Thats so neat that you did that walk! and 10 miles is a long walk regardless of whether or not you're in shape :)

  7. Seriously are TOO cute. Yay for you doing that walk! I am for real totally out of shape. I couldn't make it 5 miles. ;)


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