Thursday, May 31, 2012

Giving up Good: Performing

I'm linking up with Jessi and Hayley today for giving up on good.

If you have a chance to watch the video, then definitely do! If you've only got a couple minutes, start at 7:00If not, let me recap it for you. Sometimes we try to do/have so many good things that we miss out on the great that God has for us. Good things can become idols or hinder us from truly following Him!

One thing that I've given up as I've delved deeper into ministry and adulthood is performing. 

I took part in six One Act Plays throughout Jr High and High School
(sorry I don't have photos of myself playing a young boy my senior year. true story.)

I did Community Theater every summer of high school, taking a lead part in Bye Bye Birdie the summer after my senior year.

I sang in school choir, competing in solo competitions and constantly working for a show, concert or competition (even competing with the treble choir that I wasn't a practicing member of!)

I learned alto for our church youth choir, going to two years of choir camp. 
(but then I whined about singing alto and got moved back to soprano. oh, young chelsea)

In college I auditioned for several campus singing groups, finally joining the UT Women's Chorus.

I love the rush. I love the repetition of rehearsal. I love learning new music, challenging my vocal range to go deeper and higher, and forming bonds with others who love it. I love the lights and crowds and flowers. And I love using my talents to bring glory to God! 

But performing takes a lot of time.
Rehearsals can take over your life. 

When I took my job as student minister it was very clear that I would have to give up performing. And though I wouldn't consider being part of a worship team performing, I gave that up too. You don't have to be on a stage to worship God, and I already have so many students and friends serving the church in that capacity.

And now, my schedule is more open to attend football games, dance recitals and graduations. Do I miss it? Sometimes. But I have fond memories and something better in front of me right now. 

I had to put down the shells to take hold of the starfish.

What about you?
What good are you giving up on?


  1. I wanted to comment on your post when I saw your thumbnail picture on Naptime Diaries' blog! I played Kim in Bye Bye Birdie, as well, and my {now} husband played Conrad Birdie. That was such a fun musical!

  2. Bye Bye Birdie is one of my favorite productions!! I love the idea of this post...Giving Up Good.


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